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Is your agent droning?

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Like many trends that come and go, one of the latest is the use of drones for either video or photography in the use of marketing real estate.  While they have been used for some time now, we are seeing extensive overuse of these unmanned aircrafts and it is doing a disservice to the homes t...

Impact of B.C.'s foreign buyer tax wanes as March sales surge almost 50 per cent

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Blistering Toronto home price gains have federal and provincial politicians in Ontario talking about a speculation tax on non-resident home buyers. It’s a conversation happening privately as campaigning B.C. NDP and B.C. Green party politicians are calling to expand or double simi...

Prices beginning to decline in North Vancouver

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No matter where you go, you can't get away from the talk about our real estate market.  Foreign tax, housing bubble, market crash, are just a few of the words flying around every conversation these days.  But what do the numbers really look like and what does this mean to you?


The foreign investment tax. It's not just about the Chinese

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Our heated real estate market continues to be the center of conversation from here all the way to New York City.  And the latest topic of debate, the foreign investment 15% tax.  I’m sure you have all heard about this by now and like most people, you are probably saying “it&...

Bank of Canada holds rates to tame "fire-breathing"Vancouver housing market

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The Bank of Canada has held on to it’s overnight interest rate in part because it doesn''t want to inadvertently add fuel to the Vancouver housing market. It’s "right up there in terms of the leading reasons (the BOC is) extremely reluctant"to touch that benchmark, said Bank of Montre...

NV Duplex Development Permit Area

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On June 9, 2014 the City rezoned the remaining ''Single Family'' One-unit Residential (RS-1) lots in the Duplex Development Permit Area to the new''Duplex'' Two-unit Residential (RT-1A) Zone. The affected Area includes those lots fronting the north side of East Keith Road to the south side o...

Vancouver's house prices driving buyers to half duplexes

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When Eileen Holt stepped into Vancouver' dizzying housing market, she never imagined she would come out with a half duplex.

A business-development manager for an engineering consultant firm and a recent empty nester, Ms. Holt had spent two decades in a large suburban home and was loo...

10 things to know about the 2016/17 provincial budget:

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1. Buyers of newly-built homes worth up to $750,000 will be exempt from the property transfer tax, saving up to $13,000, effective Wednesday (only for Canadian citizens or permanent residents).

2. The new home tax exemption will only apply to people who actually live in the home as their ...

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

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I think it's fair to say that we are all aware of how crazy the real estate market is in Vancouver. If you own your home or any other investment properties, chances are you have done extremely well on your purchase.

 There is limited inventory and it comes down to the simple economic...

What exactly defines a half duplex?

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1/2 Duplexes are also known as "Two Family Dwellings" in Vancouver (Zoning Code RT). Based on City of Vancouver Development Standards,  each 1/2 Duplex should have it’s own private outdoor space to provide for the wide variety of outdoor activities that households pursue. Some pri...

Neighbourhood Business Review: S'wich Cafe

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Everyone loves a good sandwhich...Ok maybe not the consistent Subway goers, they prefer a convenient sandwhich, but most of us appreciate a good ol mix of greatness between 2 pieces of freshly baked bread.  The best place to get that on the North Shore? S'wich Café.  


Good things come in 3's

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Three little pigs, Three blind mice, three ringed circus, 3ft in a yard, three piece suits.  The list goes on.  Good things come in threes. What does this have to do with real estate?  

When you work with Andrews Group and the team behind, you have 3 full...

Local Business Review - Andrews on Eighth

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Immediately upon first glance of this beautiful heritage builiding originally built in 1912, you know this is a coffee shop you want to go and grab a nice Cup of Joe.  Located on the corner of 8th and St. Andrews, you instantly get the community vibe of this neighborhood.  People sittin...